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Art with Animals
Using their paws and non-toxic paints, zoo animals enjoy creating beautiful artwork, and now you can be part of the experience! Join a zookeeper as an animal artist paints a special one-of-a-kind creation just for you! For $150 you can choose your artist, up to three colors and come to the zoo to photograph, take video or just hang out and watch, while your painting is created! Don't have time to come watch? We'd be happy to customize it for you. Just choose your animal artist and up to three colors for $100.
Featured Artists: Bears, Cougars, Wolves*, Tigers*
To schedule a painting session, email Amy at avandermolen@folsom.ca.us or call the zoo at (916) 351-3527 and leave a message for Amy.

Additional animal artists include Ferret, Rabbit, Squirrel and many more!

All proceeds go to improve the lives of the animals at the zoo.
*Some restrictions apply (ie: certain exhibits do not have areas to paint during inclement weather.)
Painting Bear
posted 3/29/2011 by Admin  |  2782 views


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